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Marty B .... Serious

!Bennett caught just 15 passes for 159 yards and no touchdowns last season.

2007 and his 36 touchdown passes weren't enough anymore. People wanted a reason why the Cowboys didn't win more games and so they went for things like Romo's focus. Attacked his trip to Cabo just before the playoff game, although Jason Witten's focus doesn't seem to be in question. Let's not forget he was there, too. 

Romo's personal life - his celebrity girlfriends, his passion for golf and other adventures that have now been included with his new status - were all easy targets for critics. To get past them, and I'm not sure Romo has completely done that, he had to win games, win them in December and win a stinkin' playoff game, too.  

Romo has done all of that, not to mention continuing to put up stats that rival any quarterback that has ever worn the star.  

For Bennett, he's got a tough hill to climb but with each one of these little incidents - and yes they are still rather little - the hill gets steeper. When you've got more off-the-field mishaps than quality plays you've made, that's a problem.  

Personally, I like Martellus. I really do. He's a fun guy with an unbelievable sense of humor.  

However, this isn't a comedy club. This isn't about who's got the best stand-up routine. And it's not about rapping.  

It's all about performing on the field - first. If you do that, then you throw in the personality. It just kind of seems like Bennett is doing it the other way around.  

Right now, after just two years, he's a funny guy who is playing football. I think everyone around him would rather see be a football player, who also has a great personality.  

Now again, he says that will happen. And yes, this is still the offseason, so he's got a few more weeks to do his own thing before the players really get down to business.  

For his sake, I truly hope he enjoys a breakout season. But so far, we haven't seen anything different to suggest such a change.        

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