Maybe A Real Calling

your tight ends, because with the safeties so deep, they only have to beat the linebackers. The Cowboys have tight ends to beat the linebackers, and maybe now you got a better answer of just what the Cowboys are going to do with last year's second-round pick Anthony Fasano. Line him up with Pro Bowler Jason Witten. Send him down field. Watch him catch three passes for 43 yards, and if not for a short-armed pass from Brad Johnson, he would have pulled in another catch for like 20 more yards.

"That's what their defense wants you to do; they want you to be impatient," Garrett said. "They want you to be impatient as a play-caller."

If Garrett is anything, he's patient. If he's anything, he's prudent. If he's anything, he's efficient.

As a quarterback, and now at first glimpse as an offensive coordinator.

See, the Colts basically are gambling opposing offenses will not be efficient. They are gambling you will not be able to drive the ball 80 yards in 13 plays, that you will run out of downs at some point before they run out of real estate. That's why last year they gave up 179 yards rushing a game, last in the NFL, and were nailed for 5.3 yards a carry - yet still won the Super Bowl.

Now the Cowboys did run out of downs twice inside the red zone, having to settle for field goals, and yes one of their touchdowns was Keith Davis' interception return.

But to me, the mix of run-pass was nice. And he just seemed to be in rhythm with his calls against one of the best defensive coaches, Dungy, who is amply assisted by former Cowboys assistant Ron Meeks.

Sure like those draws on third down, reminiscent of what Norv Turner had the nerve to call. Sure like those throws to the tight end, how Turner utilized Jay Novacek. Sure like how he had Romo, in the first preseason game, operating so efficiently, his starter completing 10 of 11 passes for 97 yards, with a long of but only 18 yards - reminiscent of Turner keeping Troy Aikman in check.

Evidently, a chip off the old block.

Now of course, preseason doesn't count. And chances are, the Colts probably didn't spend much time preparing for the Cowboys. And guarantee you, the first preseason game - heck, probably the first regular-season game, is a chore to play for the Super Bowls champs. Hey, I saw the Cowboys play.


But you had to be encouraged by the Cowboys' efficiency. No turnovers. Only three offensive penalties. No false starts.

"We showed some consistency and did some good things," Phillips said.

And how 'bout this from Terrell Owens?

"The ball was distributed well tonight," he said.

So evidently, the Cowboys must have accomplished something in San Antonio. They must have worked hard enough. Somehow, they must have gotten themselves in somewhat shape.

And for those now thinking Bill Parcells had all the answers now that he's gone - he had relatively few when he was here, right? - uh, the Cowboys had lost three of their past four first preseason games.

They won Thursday night.

So you know what, let 'em eat (cup) cake.

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