Mid-Day Report: Practice Heats Up

You Should've Seen:
Terrell Owens and Tony Romo pick on the Cowboys' two rookie seventh-round picks a bit during the team drills. Owens beat cornerback Alan Ball and safety Courtney Brown deep down the left sideline, then jumped between the two, planting the wrong foot, mind you, and trapping the ball with one hand before bringing it to his chest for a would-be score.

Who's Hot:
Cornerback Joey Thomas has had a few people asking, "Who was that?" during the first week of camp, continually running stride for stride on deep balls with Owens and Terry Glenn. Thomas has come away with several pass breakups and hasn't let anybody get behind him. Thomas was a third-round pick for Green Bay in 2005 but never quite lived up to his potential there. The 26-year old might be turning things around in San Antonio, though, working now with the second-team defense.

Who's Not:
Stephen Bowen's lack of nose tackle experience and the Cowboys' need for a versatile defensive lineman came to a crossroads Friday afternoon. It was just a first try, but Bowen was getting worked over pretty good by the interior linemen. Phillips said he looked better Saturday, but the road might be a long one.

Injury Update:
LB Greg Ellis, Achilles tendon - day-to-day (7/25)
LT Flozell Adams, knee scope - day-to-day
RT Marc Colombo, knee scope - out 1-1½ weeks
RB Alonzo Coleman, ankle - day-to-day
WR Isaiah Stanback, shin splints - active/non-football injury

Missed Practice:
LB Greg Ellis (Achilles tendon)
LT Flozell Adams (knee scope)
RT Marc Colombo (knee scope)
RB Alonzo Coleman (ankle)
WR Isaiah Stanback (shin splints)

Returned to Practice:

QB Matt Baker, waived (7/26)
RT James Marten, signed (7/26)
LB Anthony Spencer, signed (7/26)
LT Flozell Adams, placed on active PUP (7/25)
RT Marc Colombo, placed on active PUP (7/25)
RB Alonzo Coleman, placed on active PUP (7/25)
WR Isaiah Stanback, placed on active/non-football injury (7/25)
WR Isaiah Stanback, signed (7/25)
G Doug Free, signed (7/25)
K Nick Folk, signed (7/25)
FB Deon Anderson, signed (7/25)
DB Courtney Brown, signed (7/25)
DB Alan Ball, signed (7/25)

Wade's Best:
"Ray's got a wealth of experience; he's great with players (and) he's coached a lot of great players. His players play hard. They know what to do, and they play hard." Phillips when asked what he liked about new receivers coach Ray Sherman, and then added when asked if he was looking for a receivers coach who would get along with Owens, "I wanted to get a good coach - I wasn't worried about our personnel as much as getting a good staff."

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