Mo Claiborne Owes Dez Pushups After Missed Chances In Seattle

SEATTLE – Morris Claiborne missed two game-changing plays in the first half against Seattle, and his teammates let him know about it.

Even the ones who weren't there.

Claiborne got his hands on two errant throws by Russell Wilson in the first half of Thursday's 27-17 loss to the Seahawks, but he couldn't reel in either of them. Dez Bryant, watching the game from home after suffering a concussion on Monday, took notice.

Claiborne smiled when told about Bryant's tweet.

"I definitely owe him," he said. "As soon as I see him, I'm going to get down and give him those pushups. We can't have that."

The Cowboys have long been plagued by an inability to force turnovers. They managed just eight interceptions in 2015. Claiborne said it's got to change if they want to get where they want to go this time around.

"I can't leave those missed opps out there. I have to cash in on them," he said. "Those are turning points in the game for us as a unit."

-- David Helman

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