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More Work Needed


hard to truly evaluate that area with two offensive line starters out of action.  

What about the passing game? It's been off for sure, but then again you'd think the play-calling has been vanilla. And then when you consider Dez Bryant, he's going to add a new dimension that Patrick Crayton or Sam Hurd just don't provide right now, or ever.  

On defense, we know that can't be the way the Cowboys are going to line up and play these Texans in a month. No way. They're going to let Andre Johnson just roam the middle of the field and eat them alive? No, I would imagine you'll see a Mike Jenkins or even Terence Newman shadow him all over the field. Maybe a double-team or two as well. But on this night, it made sense of course to show that.  

You have to remember, not only do the Cowboys play this very Houston team on Sept. 26, but don't forget Texans head coach Gary Kubiak was a disciple of Redskins current coach Mike Shanahan in Denver. So the Texans' offense looks very similar to Washington's offense. That's two of the first three opponents.  

So maybe we know why the Cowboys kept it so plain.  

And in this league, no one is good enough to play it that simple and win, especially on the road against a team that is fired up to beat you. The Cowboys were fired up to get home.  

Is that an excuse? I hope not.  

Make no mistake this team didn't play well at all on Saturday. And because of that it leaves us with the same questions we already had, if not a few more.  

And to think these dress rehearsals are supposed to clear up the picture. Instead, it's a little more blurry than before. Unfortunately, it's going to stay that way for at least two weeks.          

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