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Morris Claiborne May Be Getting A Look As Cowboys' Kick Returner

OXNARD, Calif. – Special teams walkthroughs are typically about as uneventful as training camp gets – but some things will occasionally catch the eye.

That was the case Monday, when Morris Claiborne lined up alongside Lucky Whitehead as one of the Cowboys' primary kick returners. It's hard to judge too much from walkthrough repetitions, but Claiborne said the coaching staff wants to see him try that role.

"I'm thinking they actually want to look at me returning kicks and other parts of special teams," he said. "Wherever I can fit in, wherever I can help – I'm up for it."

It's not a surprising development if you're familiar with Claiborne's college career. He served as the primary kick returner during his final season at LSU, averaging 25 yards per attempt with one touchdown.

"I just want a chance to know the ball is going to be in my hand, and -- like I said – I've done it in college, so I'm pretty comfortable with doing it," Claiborne said.

Claiborne said he's bee imploring special teams coordinator Rich Bisaccia to let him return kicks for a while, and Bisaccia finally relented during the offseason.

"It's a big part of the game," Claiborne said. "You can change the game, change field position, and I feel like I'm capable and able to do that. I'm comfortable with the ball in my hand."

Claiborne said he doesn't know yet what kind of plans the coaching staff has for him in the preseason, but it's something worth keeping an eye on in the coming month.

-- David Helman

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