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Romo can be a leader to Sam Hurd or Kevin Ogletree or Miles Austin. That's what I mean about affecting leadership.  

Same with guys like Pacman and Tank. If you know anything about the defensive linemen, it's that they are a tight-knit group. If you're looking for Jason Hatcher, you'll likely find Stephen Bowen; they're usually together. And Jay Ratliff and Marcus Spears are in the vicinity as well. But Tank wasn't a part of that group. He did his own thing.  

Pacman tried to fit in, but he wasn't the best example for the young guys like Mike Jenkins and Orlando Scandrick.  

Great talent? Of course. Great leaders and examples in the locker room? Not at all. In fact, it can divide the locker room as well. You get a young guy like Hurd, whom T.O. took under his wing back in 2006, and how can you tell him to choose sides between the offensive leaders of the team or T.O.? It's a tough deal. 

But it's no longer the Cowboys' problem.  

If you're reading this and wondering why it's even relevant right now, maybe it's not. The Cowboys decided those four players no longer fit the team, but the Bengals are in a different place. They're a team looking for talent and hoping those big names still have a little bit left in the tank (sorry, that was bad).  

The Cowboys were in the same boat two years ago. And it didn't work out.  

This team is certainly in a better place. And you didn't need a better example of that than this game right here in Canton.                

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