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Moving On, Fast

!Garrett emphasized that the entire team has to forget about the first eight games.

thing Garrett can do is change the mindset. You can say this team has quit, as many have, but I see a group that just hasn't played very well, and has played worse as it's lost more and more confidence. Can't say Terence Newman or Bradie James have quit, both playing at less than full strength. Brooking or Jay Ratliff or Jason Witten? Please. 

Losing can simply become contagious, and it has here. 

Garrett clearly won't allow a "Woe is Me" attitude, as Jaguars quarterback David Garrard recently suggested about them. His guys are better than that. 

They've got to get moving again, pick up the pace and forget about the first two months. 

Wednesday was a start. 

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