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Needing A Kick Start

start to pile up even more, and the Cowboys are trying to figure out how to take another linebacker, or offensive lineman to the game, they're going to be sitting there and wondering if dressing both Folk and Buehler is such a good idea.  

Folk knows that it. Buehler probably does as well. That means, they both better be able to handle the duties that might not be their forte. 

I've been saying all along that it might be real nice to have Buehler be the kickoff guy and possibly your really-long field goal kicker, and let Folk handle most of the field goals and extra points. Sounds like a college team where you dress 128 guys each week. 

But in the NFL, you can't always have such luxuries. To me, this is going to come down to who is better between Folk's kickoffs and Buehler's field goals. And I have a feeling the winner won't be the latter.  

Sure, it would be nice to have kickoffs sail into the end zone every time and make teams start at the 20. But it's even nicer to make field goals consistently. And although Folk has missed two here in the preseason, my money is on him getting it turned around and becoming the easy-money kicker he's been his first two years. 

Now maybe I'm wrong. Maybe the Cowboys are placing such a high priority on field position now that both kickers will make it to every game. I'll be shocked, but maybe that's what will happen.  

In all reality, there might be a game or two where it just can't be justified. The Cowboys will either have to decide whether Folk's kickoffs, something he hasn't even practiced since last season, are easier to live with than Buehler's field goal attempts. That's going to be a difficult decision for the coaching staff.  

But Folk knows it won't be a tough call if he doesn't get his field goals turned around.  

"I'm a perfectionist and so I know that I need to make those kicks," Folk said. "It doesn't matter if you kicked one off the dirt (in Oakland) and another one hit the upright from 49. That doesn't matter. My job is to make kicks."  

And for his sake, you'd like to see Folk get one here in the preseason, even if it's a short one. But after that, I say switch up the roles for the rest of the preseason.  

The Cowboys need to see if Buehler can make field goals. And like last week, why punt the ball at the 35-yard line? Can we at least see how Buehler responds to a 52-yard attempt? I say let Buehler handle most of the field goals and extra points and see how Folk kicks off.  

This is the time to test those things. Because once the regular season starts, you never know how it all might play out.  

Using them both sounds great. Making it happen might be another story.    

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