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Never Land

!Jones has never selected an offensive lineman higher than No. 37 overall (Andre Gurode, 2002).

first round this year suggests there may still be some good players available on the Friday night of draft weekend. 

And if the Cowboys already have their left tackle in Doug Free, why use a top 10 pick on a right tackle, a position that often receives the blocking help of a tight end. Centers and guards similarly receive assistance from their fellow interior linemen.  

For whatever it's worth, Fairley, Miller and Peterson all have sizzle that a guy like Carimi lacks. Not saying this is how the Cowboys should operate in the war room, but their history suggests it might be.  

Remember, this is a team that awarded a training camp roster spot to the winner of a reality show. Marketing and salesmanship are a big deal around here.  

So maybe the Cowboys are trying to fool us by bringing in all these first-round linemen for a visit to Valley Ranch. Maybe they would never take a first-round offensive lineman. 

We can't put it past them.

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