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New Teams Of Cowboys' Departed Defensive Backs Weigh In

PHOENIX – The Cowboys have lost three starting defensive backs since the start of free agency: cornerback Brandon Carr (Baltimore Ravens), cornerback Morris Claiborne (New York Jets) and safety Barry Church (Jacksonville Jaguars).

Here's what the departed DBs' new teams had to say about their new players Tuesday at the AFC Head Coaches Breakfast from the NFL Annual Meeting:

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh on Carr:

"This guy can cover people. He gets up in press. He gets his hands on people and he covers people in critical situations. That's what I liked the best. I think he's smart. He does a solid job in run support, but he knows how to play all the coverages."

Jets coach Todd Bowles on Claiborne:

"We like the player, we like the guy, we like the character, we like the talent, obviously. He has a chance to prove himself and play and if he comes back and plays healthy, we've got a good player. You root for the kid, but he has a history where some freak injuries happened where it hadn't gone well. We're giving him a chance, so we'll see.

"He's a good football player when he's healthy and on the field. We think we've got a good one if he can stay healthy. That remains to be seen, but I know he can play."

Jaguars coach Doug Marrone on Church:

"You talk about someone that's been obviously, at least from my view, someone that was very vocal, someone that was a great teammate, somebody that was able to get back there and line people up, enthusiastic about the game. Just a good person, always doing the right thing. So, here's guy that's played a little bit, a veteran player that brings a lot more to the table than just his ability and what he can do on the field."

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