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Next Choice

!Marion Barber suffered the calf strain injury late in last Thursday's loss to the Saints.

source of an opinion. But it just tells you how close it is.  

And since this team is ranked 27th in rushing, then you might as well go and make that change. Something needs to.  

And I don't think putting Holland in for Leonard Davis or Costa for Andre Gurode or Barron or Sam Young for Marc Colombo is the answer. That might make things worse.  

So maybe it is time for Choice.  

I know I've taken some heat for not being 100 percent on board with Choice. It's really nothing against him as it is the history of the position. Since I've been covering the team, and even several years before it, I've heard the stance about the backup running backs.  

There were fans who wanted Sherman Williams to unseat Emmitt Smith after the 1997 season. Fans wanted to see more of Chris Warren back in 1998.  

Then there was Troy Hambrick in the early 2000s. Once he became the starter, fans wanted to see more of Michael Wiley and then Reshard Lee.  

Once Eddie George got here, it was time to see Julius Jones. But, of course, it wasn't long before for Julius was the boring back, and we had to see more of this Marion Barber.  

Now it's Barber's turn and there's an outrage to see more from Felix and Choice.  

At this point, I'm not saying Choice won't come in and do a better job. But I've just heard it before. And correct me if I'm wrong, but Williams, Warren, Hambrick, Lee, Wiley and Jones really haven't done much of anything since they left. And you guys know that was putting it nicely.  

That's why I'm always a bit skeptical about a backup player being better than the starter.  

I'm not a coach. I don't see these guys on a daily basis. I'd like to think they know their players better than I do, and better yet, they know the type of player they're looking for to play their respective positions.  

But clearly, it seems like it's time to make some kind of change. And since Barber is now injured, the Cowboys will likely get that free look, without having to make that tough decision. Oh, they'll have to make that decision eventually. But this injury just buys them more time.          

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