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Next HOF Cowboy Must Ring First

there for sure. He's a Hall-of-Famer as well. Darren Woodson will be in the Ring of Honor at some point. He's the Cowboys' all-time leading tackler and a five-time Pro Bowler. He was the heart and soul of the defense and he's one guy that needs the Ring to have any shot at the Hall. 

  Other Ring guys on the fence - what about Nate Newton? He made six Pro Bowls from the guard position. Sure he's got the off-the-field issues, but that didn't stop Irvin. Newton was influential on that team as well and I would think Jerry will not overlook that.  

  Deion Sanders will be a tough call. He's one of the rare, backwards cases. He's a league Hall-of-Famer for sure. First ballot all the way. But for one team, not sure about that. He played five years for the Cowboys and helped them win a Super Bowl in the first season. Just don't think you can play five seasons and be in the Ring of Honor. Lack of tenure should also affect guys like Charles Haley and Jay Novacek. As for Mr. Cowboys like Bill Bates and Daryl Johnston, they have a nice case. But there are too many Pro Bowl-filled players that aren't in the Ring that would suggest those two make it.  

  As for the current crop of players, obviously it's a little early to figure that out. But if guys like Jason Witten and DeMarcus Ware continue their path, they'll have a spot in the Ring someday, too.  

  In the big picture, obviously the Hall of Fame is the top of the mountain. But without climbing past the Ring of Honor first, Cowboys players don't have much of a chance.                                                                                         

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