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Schedule Release | 2024

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NFL reveal date, time for 2024 schedule release


FRISCO, Texas — It's time to set your calendar reminder to save the date, because the NFL has officially revealed to the Dallas Cowboys and the other 31 teams when it will announce the 2024 schedule, and the time is nearing quickly.

On Wednesday, May 15 at 8 pm ET, the Cowboys will learn when they face their opponent, already knowing the "who" and the "where" as of earlier this offseason.

They will host a total of nine opponents at home in 2024.

Home opponents:

  • Commanders
  • Eagles
  • Giants
  • Ravens
  • Bengals
  • Lions
  • Texans
  • Saints
  • Buccaneers

Away opponents:

  • Commanders
  • Eagles
  • Giants
  • Falcons
  • Panthers
  • Browns
  • Steelers
  • 49ers

The first half of the 2023 season was a brutal one for the Cowboys, as far as travel goes, considering they were tasked with playing five of their first eight games on the road before entering their bye week.

How things will shake out for them with the schedule to come is anyone's guess at the moment, but all will be laid bare in one week from today.

They also had eight home games last season, so they'll be rewarded with the aforementioned ninth and, the playoff loss to the Green Bay Packers notwithstanding, the Cowboys have recently been the most dominant team in the entire NFL when playing at home.