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NFL Reviewing Incident; No Team Discipline

Coincidentally enough, the incident occurred in the early morning of the day NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was in town to meet with the team about league issues.

Goodell was a guest on ESPN Radio and said the league is continuing to investigate the matter and wouldn't speculate whether or not Jones would be suspended or fined.

"We are trying to determine all the facts," Goodell said. "It's clear there was some type of incident and we want to understand all the facts. Once we understand all the facts we can make a judgment.

"There were certain things I expected of him and I think he'd understand that," Goodell said. "I guess I'm disappointed we're having this discussion."

It was Goodell who officially lifted Jones' one-year suspension on Aug. 28, hours before the Cowboys' final preseason game with the Vikings. However, Goodell allowed the cornerback to participate with the Cowboys' during a summer mini-camp and training camp. And when Adam Jones made it through the summer without any incidents, Goodell lifted the suspension, allowing the cornerback to play with the team at the start of the season.

However, Jerry Jones admitted Thursday that he has talked with Pacman about keeping a low profile in public and has even asked him not to attend certain events, including a beach volleyball charity event that featured other professional athletes.

Overall, Jerry Jones said he was disappointed to learn of a new incident after asking his player to make better decisions.

"Yeah, I am disappointed. I am disappointed in that we're having to deal with this," Jerry Jones said Thursday. "We knew from the very beginning that because of bad decisions in the past from Adam that are well documented, that some need to be resolved and they need to be resolved in clarification as to what he was and what he wasn't doing in those incidents."

Jerry Jones added that because of the recent history of events involving Pacman, that he won't get the benefit of the doubt in any situation, and didn't exactly say he disagreed with that.

"I'm well aware of every incident that he was involved in before he joined the Dallas Cowboys," Jerry Jones said. "Consequently, he has built up, before he joined the Cowboys, he built up a reservoir of doubt. He has created with his actions no benefit of the doubt. We knew, not from the standpoint of protecting him physically, we knew that if he did go out in public that it was important - because he had no benefit of the doubt left - that it was important that if he got in an awkward situation, which can happen by notable people, that they be there to protect that as well.

"Now, candidly, it never occurred to any of us that he might have an incident that would be anywhere close to being public with an individual that was sitting there to keep that from happening. But that's what we're dealing with here."

Jerry Jones said he did not expect any changes in the security staff that accompanies Pacman, including removing Tommy Jones. The Cowboys owner did state that he hoped for the overall security process to "get better."

As of now, the Cowboys aren't expecting any kind of changes. Pacman Jones will continue to practice and get ready to play this week in Arizona and no disciplinary action is expected.

The NFL might have a different view, but it's not likely that will occur before the Cowboys play their next game.

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