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Not Even Your Daughter's Cowboys

possibly half the secondary, depending on just who starts at free safety. 

Offensively, this very well could be three-fifths of the line, half the receiving corps and the quarterback, not to mention both backup running backs, a tight end, deep snapper and kicker. 

That's a whole lot of shakin' going on. 

By my count, and presuming restricted free agent Scott Shanle is not signed to an offer sheet by Friday's deadline, thus his rights reverting back exclusively to the Cowboys, there will be 70 guys on the official roster heading into the draft (six players) and rookie free agency (probably another dozen). 

Of those 70, 45 will have been with the Cowboys no more than one year. One! Let that sink in. 

And, let's take this one step further in reverse fashion. Of the 70 players on the roster, only a baker's dozen will have been with the Cowboys for more than two seasons. 

Think about that now: 57 players with the Cowboys for no more than two seasons heading into this draft, meaning, by May 1, if we conservatively add six draft choices and 12 rookie free agents, 75 of the potential 88 players on the roster will have been here no more than two seasons. That's 85 percent. 

Get outta here. Talk about a remake. Plastic surgery leaves more telltale signs of the past. 

Yep, these are your Cowboys today, basically brand-spanking new. Suddenly Greg Ellis and Adams - first and second picks in the 1998 draft - going into their ninth Blue Star seasons, have the most Ranch seniority. Them others are gone, as is everyone from the 1999 draft, 2000 and 2001. In fact, only two guys remain from the 2002 draft, Roy Williams and Andre Gurode, and nary a free agent signed before Terry Glenn, Singleton, Romo and Shanle in 2003. 

All giving new meaning to throwback jerseys. 

No one can accuse the Cowboys of standing pat or of keeping players past their expiration date. They indeed have been, with regards to Bill, churning this roster, and again, as I've said before, trying to win now while building for the future. 

"I will not dismiss the future at all," Jones said of the upcoming draft. 

No doubt, and all along we thought all that drilling we've been hearing has come from next door. 

Silly us.   

!   Jones says what's all the fuss over Terrell Owens, who apparently had not been religiously participating in the team's off-season workouts here at The Ranch? "It's a non-issue," Jones said after his absence was addressed. "Everybody is comfortable the way it's working." So if the man committing $25 million of his own money is "comfortable," then you should be, too. 
!   There was some thought the Cowboys might be interested in yet another former Parcells player, free-agent fullback Jerald Sowell. Well, not so much anymore since Sowell just agreed to terms with Tampa Bay. 
!   Know that draft pick value chart I wrote about for Tuesday night? Well check this out: The Denver Broncos traded their 22nd pick in the first round to San Francisco for a second (37th pick) and third (68th pick). Well, guess what? The 22nd pick, according to the chart, is worth 780 points. The Niners' 37th pick is worth 530 and the 68th is worth 250. Added together . . . 780 points. Rest my case. 
!   And finally, if you still need a clue as to just where the Cowboys might be looking in the first round, listen to these two Jones statements: "Free agency has helped our offense appreciably" and followed soon thereafter by "Can help ourselves defensively in the draft." Hmmmm.  

Spagnola: UFL earning players a second chance

 As Mickey writes in his Friday column, thanks to the UFL proving ground and former Cowboys great Daryl Johnston, the league's head of football operations, players like Willie Harvey and Gareon Conley are getting a second chance at an NFL career.