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Nowitzki Offers Romo Some Encouragement

Following the Dallas Mavericks' run to the NBA Finals this summer, it seems that just about every local team is being compared to them. In a Flintstones-meet-the-Jetsons kind of episode during training camp this year, Mavs coach Rick Carlise shadowed Jason Garrett and took in a day of practice.

There's no doubt the local basketball counterpart for Tony Romo would be Dirk Nowitzki, in that they are each the face of their respective franchise, either getting the credit or the blame for their team's ultimate success or failure.

For years Nowitzki was labeled soft and a choke artist, until the Mavs broke through for their first title against Miami this year. Romo, obviously, has that same sort of reputation going, and following games like Sunday's, it only gets worse.

Having gotten past all the naysaying, and with nothing else to do because of the NBA lockout, apparently, Nowitzki saw fit to offer words of encouragement to the Cowboys quarterback on Monday.

"Dear tony romo," he tweeted. "Don't wory abt all the critics. I heard that same garbage for a long time. Keep working hard and keep improving."

After this roller coaster start to the season, that's probably the best/only advice anyone can give the Cowboys quarterback.

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