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Numbers Game

a short time.

So the question that he's answered is that he indeed is one of the top four receivers, if not in the top three.

For Austin, he's one player that hasn't completely answered all of the questions. Saturday night he made some plays, including a 22-yard reception over the middle where he just found a hole in the defense. Austin also had a nifty catch and run on a receiver screen, a play in which he might be the Cowboys' best option to run, considering his speed.

Heading into camp, the question for Austin was if he could beat out Crayton for the No. 2 spot. If anything, Austin and Hurd look closer in comparison than he does with Crayton.

As for Stanback, his main question centered on staying healthy. He missed all of the summer with a knee injury and the first week of camp with a strained hamstring. In that absence, it allowed for a player like Ogletree to sneak into the picture.

But now, Stanback has to show he's worth keeping around. And it doesn't exactly have anything to do with Ogletree or another receiver. The Cowboys saw something in Stanback two years ago to make them think he could help them. They didn't see a quarterback and they didn't exactly see a receiver. They saw a phenomenal athlete.

When he's been healthy, which if I recall it was a Wednesday, Stanback has flashed that athleticism. Not only can he run, he's a flyer. He just hasn't had the opportunity or circumstances to show it.

So with that, I'm not so sure the Cowboys are ready to part ways with him. Personally, I would keep him around. He's too good of an athlete to release. Whoever you keep instead, probably won't be active anyway.

Sometimes, it's about keeping the best players, not necessarily a particular number for each position.

So while we all thought five receivers would be the max, it's now the minimum. Whether or not the Cowboys decide to keep six, one thing became clear Saturday night: Ogletree has now put himself inside that mythical bubble.

What remains to be seen is if Stanback can join him, too.

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