O-Line Coach Callahan Impressing G Livings

The Cowboys made a few moves in an attempt to improve their offensive line this offseason, handing out contracts totaling more than $30 million in free agency, but the biggest acquisition of all may have been new line coach Bill Callahan.

A former head coach and offensive coordinator at the college and pro level, Callahan's knowledge of the game has already made an impression on his new pupils, including one of the guys he wanted in free agency, Nate Livings, who was brought over from Cincinnati.

There have only been two real practices so far, but Livings believes he's getting a lot out of Callahan.

"I'm loving it, man," Livings said. "I'm loving every minute of it. I just love his perspective, not just as an O-line coach. You can tell over the years of him being a head coach how he opens up the field and has us looking at it from a different perspective, anticipating certain things. He's been really good working on my technique and stuff like that. I love it."

Livings admits he has a bit of an adjustment period after playing in a West Coast offense with the Bengals.

"It's a little bit different here and there, but blocking is blocking, so you take it as it is," Livings said.

Callahan, evidently, isn't making things too complicated.

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