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Odds-Maker Explains Why Romo Is Favored To Win ACC Tourney

In other news . . .

Tony Romo is a 5/2 favorite to win this weekend's American Century Championship, the celebrity golf tournament in Tahoe which features three dozen current and former NFL players and coaches, as well as other athletes, actors, comedians and musicians.

"(O)n Tony Romo, a couple things that are key," odds-maker Steve Schorr said. "Out of the top 15 players that we really believe have the chance, Tony is active. He's younger. He's 32. We believe that he's the best golfer of the bunch. He's a new father. He's married. He's stable. And we think he's going to kick the door in. Second place the last three years, we really think he's going to win it this year."

Jason Witten (30/1) and Miles Austin (40/1) are also playing in this year's tournament, as is Emmitt Smith (100/1).

So, it's worth noting that Romo isn't the only Cowboy who plays golf. He just happens to be the best of the bunch, which draws attention.

"I would say there's eight or nine guys here - if they play well – they've got a pretty good chance," said former major league pitcher Rick Rhoden, an eight-time ACC winner. "I think Tony's probably the best guy of the group that's come up in the last five or six years. He's a good player. It wouldn't surprise me if he won. I think he's going to win a few of them before he gets through playing."

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