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Off-Season Absences Just Don't Add Up

uncertain, it doesn't make sense to be so far away from the team.  

These guys are asking the Cowboys to give them a long-term commitment. But they don't seem too interested in making the same kind of commitment right now.  

Every situation is different. With Hamlin, you know he's frustrated by the entire process of the franchise tag. Just days away from free agency for the second year in a row, he gets tagged and now must wait for his agent and the Cowboys to work out a deal. However, let's not feel too sorry for someone who is guaranteed to make $4.3 million this year.  

As for Barber, here's a guy who made the Pro Bowl last year, led the team in rushing and has become one of the team's fan favorites.  

But he's still not proven as a starter. Are we sure that he is the long-term answer at running back?  

The Cowboys seem rather sure by drafting Felix Jones, a more elusive home-run hitting back than Mendenhall, whom the club even compared to Barber.  

Jerry Jones went as far to say that having Barber allowed the Cowboys the luxury to take Felix Jones.  

Instead of taking that as a compliment, it almost seems like the fourth-year running back is almost using that as a negotiating ploy against the Cowboys.  

Now, for those of you who are thinking "as long as they're ready to play by training camp, or even the regular season, that's fine," I can understand that logic. In fact, Jerry Jones might not be that far off from that way of thinking, too.  

But if the goal is to be here for the start of the season, and these players are working out just as hard to prepare, then why not be here, with the team?  

There's probably more to it than that. There always seems to be. But let's just add that to the list of things that don't make a lot of sense.                        

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