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It's a less-than nimble lineman who lost his balance.

As it turned out, the Cowboys had to kick off from the 20 and Titans return specialist Marc Mariani, who didn't sneak up on this team considering he returned a kickoff for a touchdown last week, took advantage of the added space. Because the Cowboys were so backed up, David Buehler went for distance over his usual hang-time kicks and so when Mariani got the ball at his own 11, he was still about 25 yards away from the incoming coverage unit. Mariani found a crease or two and took off for a 73-yard return that led to the Titans' game-winning touchdown.

All because a big lineman fell down?

In a way, that play sort of exemplifies this Cowboys team right now. Things are looking really good one moment, even to the point of celebrating, but then they lose their balance and it all falls apart.

That's what happened in this game. Now we're left to wonder if that's how this entire season will go as well.

But if the offensive line doesn't get patched up in a real hurry, then we won't be wondering about the latter for too long.

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