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On To The Next Kick

the harder part for the kicker is getting over the feeling of letting down his teammates. Cundiff says it's "huge. You know there are so many guys out there that you look in their face and you see they're fighting through injury, they went out and played one of their best games, they may have family in town, the nation's watching. For me to not come through on my end, that's disappointing. I know I can go out and make the next ones, but knowing the possible ramifications of that kick, that's what really stung." 

A kicker in that position can only hope his teammates react the way Giants' Pro Bowl running back Tiki Barber did publicly Wednesday in talking about Feely. 

"It's very difficult," Tiki admitted, "but it's also the nature of this game. Every person is on a team for a specific reason, and no one person, no matter if you play 50 plays or three plays, is more vested in the game than any other. You have to trust and rely on your teammates to do their jobs in critical situations. Obviously last week we didn't get that from Jay, but that doesn't mean we don't have confidence in his ability." 

Maybe it's easier for Barber to be charitable being a recovering fumbler. No one plays a perfect game. And when a mistake is made, as Cundiff says, the only thing worse than a bad golf shot is two bad golf shots, which is what you get if you live in your mistakes. 

"You just move on, it's that simple," Cundiff adds. "I've had a lot of practice at this now going on my fourth year. Pretty much my whole rookie season was that scenario. I'm old enough now to where you don't let it get to you and go on. Each kick is individual, and if you concentrate on the task at hand, it doesn't matter what you did before or what you're going to do next. Just put the ball through right now." 

Or else. 

A nation is watching.                                 

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