Overshadowed Again

!Roy Williams has five touchdowns in five games, after catching seven all of last season.

he's not right now. 

In fact, Roy Williams has done nothing to let anyone take his job.  

He said it all along that he had better hands than he showed us the first two seasons he was here. So far, he's proving that to be a fact.  

He said it all along he was a possession receiver with speed. And we're seeing that in a huge way. He's making unreal catches in traffic - none moreso than the one at the end of the defeat on Sunday. 

The game was pretty much over at that point, but the Cowboys did need to get out of their own end zone and Williams just snatched the ball right off a Vikings defender before getting blasted on the sideline. That was as good a catch as he's made since he's been here; it just got overshadowed by the loss. 

In fact, that's been the case for Roy's season, really his whole career. The overshadowing affect always seems to work against him.  

When he was playing well in Detroit, it never mattered much because the teams were bad. And the Lions had to throw the whole game so Roy got a lot of stats.  

He comes to Dallas and he doesn't play well - even to his own admittance. But the team played well, at least last season.  

This year, he's playing well again, but it's being overshadowed of course by this horrific 1-4 start.  

It's funny how this year's record can overshadow Roy when he's playing well, but last year's team success didn't overshadow his inconsistencies.  

Again, it always seems to work against him.  

But don't expect him to complain about that. Why would he? He hasn't complained about anything from the time he's been here. 

He's taken unbelievable criticism from the fans and media. Yet, he stands in front of his locker twice a week (which is a very high number around here these days), and answers every question without any sugarcoating.  

He's been up front and honest since the day he got here. He admitted when he wasn't playing well. He was honest when he thought the offensive coordinator and quarterback didn't fully trust him.  

And he also said that he was a better player than he showed in 2009 and said we would all see it this year.  

So far, Roy Williams has been right about that. But in the middle of this 1-4 start, no one seems to care.  

Of course, for Roy, what else is new?        

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