Owner Clarifies His "Scared" Comment

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones created headlines this week when admitting on his weekly radio appearance that the Eagles scared him in the wake of their 34-7 Week 8 win over the Cowboys.

Since then, coach Jason Garrett and numerous players in the locker room have been asked if they feel the same way, and what they think about Jones' perceived lack of confidence.

Just a couple days after the miniature firestorm sprung up, Jones did his best on Thursday morning to clarify his original statement on the Eagles, who visit Cowboys Stadium on Saturday afternoon, as well as what the implications of his words are for his own players.

"Well, I'm respectful," Jones said. "Let's be honest about it, these guys don't get on the field out here if they've got an element of physical fear in them. That's not the point."

Jones said he didn't regret making the comment to begin with, other than not having the foresight as to how his words would be magnified. Throughout his ownership, Jones has mentioned fear of failure as a motivating factor in his life and career.

"It's motivated me a lot," Jones said. "Being afraid of messing up has caused me to be more conscientious, caused me to be prepared. I've said that all my life - fear is a great motivator, great, and especially in this sport.

"Again, I'm just commenting on my own experience, but they don't need that motivation."

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