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Pad All That Knee-Jerking

get stupid in a week. 

They played as poorly as you can want a decent team to play. But Parcells, who is a Hall of Fame coach whether you like it or not, did not grow idiot's wings overnight. I doubt strenuously that that game has made Jerry Jones re-think wanting Parcells to fulfill the final year of his contract in 2006. And it better not. 

One also hopes one game doesn't make Parcells decide it's time to go watch the ponies full time. Because the game has not passed him by, regardless what his critics think. 

Again, he's not infallible. Bill Parcells has had a miserable December at work. It started with a disappointing loss in New Jersey and hit embarrassing new lows this past Sunday. He did a poor head coaching job in Washington. 

And he may be exactly right about what happened. What we are seeing is the immaturity of young players who are still learning pro football. They have enough talent to have helped get this team to 7-3. Combine accumulated injuries with some players just not being as good as their opponents with immaturity, and yes, throw in a coaching inability to overcome all that, and you'll get that noncompetitive looking mess we all just saw. 

But there are reasons these things happen. Coaches don't get dumb overnight. This week, and next year, they have to do things differently in order to do them better. But if you decide on the basis of one game, or the last two road games, that you know what the problem is, then you should be working at Valley Ranch. 

And if Christmas Eve in Charlotte looks like last week in Maryland, your resume will probably be accepted.                                     

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