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Parcells Has Golden Touch

Cowboys going 5-1 during his first six NFL starts and their grabbing that two-game lead in the NFC East after trailing by as many no more than four weeks ago. 

You know Parcells' favorite saying when facing a personnel problem on the team is, "You can't just go down to Texaco," meaning solving the problem isn't as easy as bringing your car to the garage. 

Well, if Parcells continues to make decisions like these, then, I'm telling you guys, "You can trust your car to the man who wears the star." Back 'atcha, Bill. We know our Texaco stuff, too. 

But let's keep backpedaling. He saw something in rookie free-agent wide receivers Sam Hurd and Miles Austin when keeping Terrance Copper and Green, the team's fourth-round draft choice, would have been the easy choice. He saw something in offensive tackle Marc Colombo when the easy choice would have been to stick with last year's 16-game starter Rob Petitti. I'm guessing he hasn't regretted the decision to start Andre Gurode over incumbent starter Al Johnson. Nor making the switch back to Keith Davis at free safety these past six games after living through the growing pains of rookie Pat Watkins in the first half dozen. 

Many tried to second guess him on those decisions. 

Most second-guessed his off-season decision to move Greg Ellis, who played defensive end for eight years in the NFL, to outside linebacker in a 3-4 defense in his ninth. Parcells had lost his mind. Even Ellis thought so. Well, not so much, Ellis not only seamlessly making the conversion, but starring in the new role until suffering that torn Achilles' three weeks ago against Arizona. 

And if all that were not enough to prove my point, this might have been the topper: How Parcells chose to deal with Terrell Owens, and not just the player himself, but how he stiff-armed the media, which all through training camp and for the first portion of this season tried throwing a Molotov Cocktail into an oil spill. 

Parcells would have none of it. He would not be drawn offsides into a he said, she said battle of words. He would not publicly chastise his bike-pedaling star during training camp. Why, he would not even bite on Owens' emergency trip to the hospital. 

Just a lot of shoulder shrugging and tongue biting. If anyone wanted to fuel this smoldering fire, then they'd have to go down to Texaco and pay $2.15 a gallon themselves. 

And now look: Owens, with eight receiving touchdowns, tied for second most in the NFL. Owens, with 69 catches - despite his highly-publicized drops - fourth in the NFC. Owens, with 915 receiving yards, fourth in the NFC. Owens on pace to collect 1,220 receiving yards, which would be the most by a Cowboys wide receiver since Michael Irvin went for 1,603 in 1995. He's also on pace for a 92-catch season, which would be most by a Cowboys player since Irvin had 111 in 1995. 

Your beef would be? And it's not as if the Cowboys are one-dimensional. Terry Glenn has 50 catches himself, for 675 yards and six more touchdowns. 

So you want to debate Julius Jones-Marion Barber, go ahead, you're on your own. If Parcells says, "No, I'm going to leave (the rotation) the way it is" when it comes to his running backs, hey, you know what I think? The Cowboys ought to leave it the way it is. 

The guy's hot. Leave him alone. 

Move over King Midas, who turned everything he touched into mythological gold. Your Midas Touch is being challenged by a mere mortal. 

And all this time you thought the Midas Touch had everything to do with mufflers.                   

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