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Players Sound Off On Presidential Election

Keith Davis:
This is a big day. Not just for black folks, just minorities in general. Just the country in general. It's for everybody. It makes the statement that we're in a time where we need change. No question about it. It can't be any more evident than Barrack being elected as the next President of the United States. (Proud?) Very much so. I was very proud last night watching - almost to the point of tears in my eyes. To sit there and see this change occur and to see it take place, and be a part of history and know that I had a hand in it, it's a beautiful thing to watch it.

Greg Ellis:
Congratulations to Obama. It was a good choice. I think it will be good for our country. Obviously, it's a good accomplishment for blacks in whole, and not from a racial point of view. Wade said it best in our meeting this morning, you can see that, basically, the sky is the limit for anyone in our country.

L.P. Ladouceur:
Well, being Canadian, I didn't get to vote. But coming from the outside, you realize there are bigger problems. Change is always a good thing. This affects me a little. It affects me financially, of course, depending on what the democrats do. It's going to affect all of us. But all in all, I came from a liberal family, I went to a liberal school at Cal-Berkeley, I kind of like this. In the last eight years, we've basically cut off foreign relations with other countries and countries have started to make fun of the U.S. But with Obama, he's a great leader. He sounds like a very sound guy. I think it's a good thing. I really like Obama. I think he's going to bring some change. It doesn't have to be radical. This is a huge thing for this country. There's been so much advancement to the ultimate goal and the ultimate goal is to live peacefully world-wide.

Andre Gurode:
We're proud as a nation. We're proud to have a man of his character to get elected into office. It speaks volumes about the people who register to vote to have their voice heard. Some of them went to vote for the first time and some people have gone for years and years not expecting a chance to have him become President. I think it's a very important thing. I really feel like you should be involved in politics. It's a representation of you as an American. It's your right and you should always be involved.

Cory Procter:
With any change, the country needs to try to unify itself. When Bush was up for re-election with Kerry (in 2004), everyone was so split. Now that the election is over, you hope that people can concentrate on the things that need to get done. It's about the right guy. And hopefully we've got the right guy in office now and he can get a good supporting cast behind him.

Terrell Owens:
I don't know if I ever thought this would happen (to see an African-American president). I'm sure had I been asked that at one time, I probably would've said no. But I'm a believer of faith and saying that anything can happen and all things are possible. If you're living in this time and era and you're conscious about what's going on, this will be something you'll always remember.

Montrae Holland:
I think it's a really good thing. With the promises that Obama has promised to the people, I believe will help my family out a lot. With them where they are in life right now, it will put them back on their feet. And I won't have to be people's crutch. So it's big for people in that way. I think it's a good thing overall for our country. (Racism) isn't gone, but it's gotten better. I think people are just looking for good people. They said he was the best man for the job. Color wasn't an issue.

Isaiah Stanback:
First of all, I think he was the better-qualified guy. In my opinion, that's what matters the most. I think we have the best guy in office. Secondly, being an African-American, I'm sure everyone knows the history of what's gone on in this country. First and foremost, I think we have the best guy in there. Because of the personality he has and how he goes about his business, I think he's going to be able to communicate a lot more with countries and world leaders than we've had in the past because we've been a lot more stubborn. And being stubborn doesn't open up a lot of windows for you. That's what we've had in the past, or recently. But I think we've seen a lot of progress. The country has changed a whole lot to where we were years ago, to where we are now. But like I said, I don't want that part to overshadow the fact that we need to get the best people in there, and I think we did.

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