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Podcast Picks

Podcast Picks: Cowboys vs. Giants – Who You Got?


For about seven straight hours each week, gives the fan continuous opinions and takes with an assortment of podcasts from the morning to the middle of the day.

The co-host range from long-time writers and analysts to former players and a host of characters in between.

  • Podcast Schedule (CDT):
  • Talkin' Cowboys (9 am)
  • Cowboys Break ((11 am)
  • Mick Shots (Noon)
  • Hangin' With the Boys (1 pm)
  • Players Lounge (2 pm)
  • Media Mash (3 pm)
  • Girls Talk Boys Talk (4 pm)

As the Cowboys prepare for Thursday's game with the Giants, we've compiled the picks from all the shows to see what our "experts" think will happen on Thanksgiving Day.