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Power Rankings: Staff Writers Order WRs From 1-11

Since the Cowboys have yet to introduce a formal depth chart, the website writers will start a daily series of ranking each position. Updated 8/5

OXNARD, Calif. – One of the most common questions we hear at training camp usually starts with the sentence "what are you seeing out of …."

And then you just fill in the blank. So after one week of training camp here in sunny California, the Cowboys have yet to do an official depth chart. So the writers of will unveil its position rankings each day.

And this isn't an exact list of the top performers out here in camp, but how they stack up on a would-be depth chart – at least in the eyes of the staff writers.

Today, let's start with the wide receivers. 

Dez Bryant 44
Terrance Williams 40
Cole Beasley 36
Dwayne Harris 30
Devin Street 30
Jamar Newsome 22
Dezmon Briscoe 19
LaRon Byrd 18
Chris Boyd 13
Tim Benford 8
L'Damian Washington 4

Nick Eatman: For the first five picks, I had no problems at all. It seemed rather easy and then it got tricky. Then again, that might be all the Cowboys keep anyway. But I went with Dezmon Briscoe for the sixth spot. I think he's got some skill to him and he's a big guy who likes to block. This sixth guy has to be a quality special teams player. The guy who keeps standing out to me is Newsome. He's got good size and goes up to catch the ball. Washington is down the list but all it takes is one long bomb with his speed and that could change everything.

Broaddus Take: Cole Beasley has done nothing to make me believe that he cannot handle the 3rd receiver spot. Devin Street appears to be on the right path and the game is really coming to him. Thought that LaRon Byrd would have been the class of the next group but Jamar Newsome and Dezmon Briscoe are clearly out playing him. Keep an eye on Briscoe as he becomes more comfortable with this playbook. In the one-on-one drills, his routes and body control have been impressive. Still believe that it will come down to special teams if they keep a 6th.  [embedded_ad]

Rowan Kavner: The first five on this list were relatively easy to compile, but it gets really tricky putting together 6-11. It's a medley of physically gifted receivers with size, and for the most part to start out, seniority played a role. As big as everyone is, Byrd stands out from a physical standpoint the most. I think Newsome's had a quietly noticeable and strong start to camp.

David Helman: I've been saying since they drafted him that Devin Street would be starting in the slot to open the season, but I'm starting to suspect I'm wrong. Cole Beasley has looked fantastic, and it's obvious how much faith the players and coaches have in him. That's not a knock on Street, who has looked impressive. Two or three of the best catches of camp to this point have come from Chris Boyd, while Jamar Newsome has also shown several flashes. I'm worried that L'Damian Washington quite simply isn't big or strong enough to fight off the coverage out here. I'm not going to spend many words on Dez or Williams, who look head and shoulder above the rest.

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