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Pulling Out All Stops

all the stops on this one.  

You're prepared to go with your No. 1 running back, even though he may not be ready to play.  

The thinking here is that Jones can give you something.  

And if he can play, not saying you have to milk this thing for all its worth. He doesn't have to run out of the tunnel by himself a few minutes before kickoff - Willis Reed style, or anything like that.  

Just get him ready to play. 

Now, if he simply can't. If there's no way he can go. Then Marion Barber and Tyson Thompson are your two tailbacks, which is probably the way it's going to be anyway. Now if one of those guys gets hurt, you might be in a bind. But you still have Jones.  

Don't know why, but I got this hunch that he just might have something for this game.  

OK, there you have it. That's my idea - dressing Jones and just the notion that he "might" play could give this team and extra motivation. 

With or without Jones, the Cowboys do need to be more aggressive.  

Simply don't understand why that's not the game plan most of the time. If this offense can come out and hit the Eagles defense right in the mouth, then why couldn't it do the same to the Cardinals, or any team for that matter? 

Speed is speed. Terry Glenn is still Terry Glenn, and you force a cornerback and a safety to try to stop him. More than likely, the Cardinals don't have anyone who can do it by himself.  

And that's where it all starts. That's how it trickles down to the other weapons.  

Against the Eagles back on Oct. 9, the Cowboys made a statement that they were going right after Philadelphia from the outset. And a 33-10 butt-whippin later, the Cowboys had made their point.  

So, why not try it again? It worked against the defending NFC champions and a defense that looked rather stout last week against the Chargers.  

Now this may not be the same ol' Cardinals teams from the past. But they haven't changed that much. They've won two games - beating the 49ers and Titans. They've been blown out by the Giants and Seahawks and lost two more close home games to the Panthers and Rams.  

The Cowboys could probably beat the Cardinals without airing it out from the beginning.  

The Cowboys could probably beat the Cardinals with Julius Jones in uniform or street clothes.  

But if these Cowboys are serious are about to getting to the bye week at 5-3, getting out of the first half of the season on the plus side, then why not pull out all the stops.                         

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