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Q & A Session


On what he focused on during his time off:
Lee: "Just make sure I've been studying my assignments non-stop. Watching the older guys: Bradie (James) and (Keith) Brooking. Just trying to see where and how they were making all their plays. Just trying to get better mentally so when I came back I wasn't making mistakes."

On how the injury feels now:
Lee: "When you're running, it's not as tight. It doesn't hurt as much after a workout to the point where now I don't even feel it. I feel very good."

On the worst part of being out:
Lee: "I wanted to get out there. The games are one thing, but you want to be practicing and getting ready for the season. I'm taking the right steps; I'm going to start here and have a really good camp here and take it into the season."

On training camp in California:
Lee: "I'm excited to be out here in California. This is more my type of weather being from up north. This feels like the fall at Penn State. I really like being out here - I feel healthy, I feel good to go."

On how he feels moving forward:
Lee: "I'm ready to go. I'm going to be practicing this week and hopefully if everything goes well I'll be playing Saturday."

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