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Radio Show Leftovers: Why Not Pressure More? Brent's Future?

Football analyst and former NFL scout Bryan Broaddus answers a few leftover radio questions from the shows Talkin' Cowboys *and *The Lunch Break from earlier this week.

David in New JerseyWhile they flew around in Week 1, why didn't Ryan come after Russell Wilson?  Was he hoping to drop 8 and force a turn over?  There were no in-game adjustments, which plagued him last year too, this is his biggest issue as a Defensive Coordinator.

Broaddus: I studied the same pro tape as Ryan did but he took it a step further and even went back to Wilson's days in Wisconsin. The one thing that was very evident about his game was his mobility. I could see where Ryan was worried about Wilson's ability to escape the pocket if he blitzed and turn a potential sack into a huge gain like he did in the pre-season. The Cardinals the week before did a great job of keeping Wilson in the pocket and making him throw over the top of the defense. If you remember in the 2nd half, the Seahawks continued to run the ball which was successful but what also happened when Wilson had to throw was his ability to move in the pocket and work the ball underneath to crossing receivers and the tight ends helped keep drives alive. Ryan did bring a blitz with Seansabaugh off the backside but what was the result? A 36 yard run by Lynch. As far as the adjustments, when your front seven wears down because your offense didn't help you like they did in the Giants game holding the ball, you are going to have problems, I don't care what adjustments you are trying to make. 

Evan in Massachusetts:I know it is only Week 2, but is this not a microcosm of what this team has been for the past 4-5 years?  I mean do you guys honestly think anything has changed with this team?

Broaddus:I do think things have changed for the better. I know that the Seattle game will make you question but I really do believe that. You had players in the Seattle game that just didn't make plays for some unknown reason. You think that Jason Witten is going to have another game where he has three drops? I don't think so. I have seen Dez Bryant make plenty of tough catches before, in this game, he didn't. Are there still questions with the offensive line? Yes there are but I like what Ryan Cook has done the last two weeks at center more than Phil Costa. The secondary is better and Bruce Carter is better than Bradie James or Keith Brooking. Give Seattle some credit, for one day they played better than the Cowboys did, it happens in the NFL.

Kyle in New Jersey:With the Cowboys coming off of a somewhat embarrassing loss, is the game against Tampa Bay the most important thus far because it will show if the Cowboys can handle adversity or not?

Broaddus: Maybe I am different but in my 13 years as a scout in the NFL, I always thought that ALL games were important and not just to see if you can handle adversity or not. At the end of the season these early games will mean just as much as the late ones. Look at what happened to the Eagles last season, they started 1-4 but by the end of the season, they were one of the best teams in the NFC but missed the playoffs. You have to find ways to win your home games it's as simple as that. Go 7 – 1 at home then all you have to do is find the way to win three games on the road and you are in the playoff hunt. The Cowboys have already won one of those games but to answer your question, all these games are important but this one is the next one. 

Jeff in Utah:By giving a new contract to Sean Lissemore, Does that mean that Josh Brent no longer has a future with the Cowboys?

Broaddus:The extension of Lissemore has nothing to do with Brent at all. Matter of fact, I wouldn't be surprised to see them do something with him in the near future. When you show the ability to develop young defensive linemen, you need to find a way to keep them on your squad. Looking back, Chris Canty and Stephen Bowen come to mind. Those defensive linemen are hard to find and need to be taken care of. 

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