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Rank'Em: Best QBs on Schedule; Where Dak Fits


Last year's Super Bowl featured arguably the best quarterback of all-time against the NFL's rising superstar who might be the best quarterback right now.

While Tom Brady got the better of Patrick Mahomes and his Chiefs on that day, the Cowboys have the good fortune of playing both of them this year, including a Week 1 matchup with Brady's Bucs.

But after those two, there's a big debate on the next-best quarterbacks the Cowboys will face.

At, the writers did their annual quarterback ranking from the 2021 schedule, and even included Dak Prescott into the mix.

All in all, the Cowboys will face three former MVPs, plenty of rising stars, and a few veterans trying to prove they've still got it.

So, how does Dak stack up against them?

The 2021 schedule has a wide range of QBs, from the best ever, to the next great superstar, to a few emerging stars ready to blossom. So where does Dak fit into all of that? We ranked the best QBs on the schedule.


Dallas Cowboys Staff Writers

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