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Rank'Em: Best QBs on Schedule; Where Dak Fits


With the 2022 NFL season quickly approaching us, the Cowboys are set to face a wide range of quarterbacks in their schedule on the path back to an NFC East title.

Last year's Super Bowl saw Matthew Stafford revitalize his career with the Rams in Los Angeles, culminating in a title. On the opposite end, Joe Burrow led the charge for an upstart Bengals team that far and away exceeded expectations. Dallas will face both of them in the first six weeks of the season.

From there the rest of the list features future Hall of Famers, grizzled veterans, and young guns looking to make a name for themselves. and the writing staff put together their annual quarterback rankings with Dak Prescott included into the fold.

The question is: How does Dak compare to them?

The 2022 schedule has a wide range of QBs, from the best ever, to the next great superstar, to a few emerging stars ready to blossom. So where does Dak fit into all of that? We ranked the best QBs on the schedule.


Dallas Cowboys Staff Writers

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