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Rank'Em: Cowboys Picked Six Pro Bowlers in 20's


FRISCO, Texas – Since 1960, the Cowboys have spent nearly most of their first-round picks drafting in the range of 20-29.

Here they are again, sitting at No. 24 as the NFL Draft approaches on April 28.

Does history matter much to the draft? The Cowboys fans will probably hope it doesn't in this case.

Of the 30 players taken in this spot, only six players have made the Pro Bowl. All of them are in our list of the best players to be drafted in the 20s.

As the Cowboys sit with the 24th overall pick, it will be the 31st time in franchise history to draft in the 20s. Of the previous 30 players, only six have made the Pro Bowl with the Cowboys. Let's rank the best picks in this range.


Dallas Cowboys Staff Writers

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