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Rank'Em: NFC East Has Best Guards & Centers


FRISCO, Texas – They might be the most unappreciated players in football, but that won't stop them from getting their due.

Those of us who follow the Cowboys understand the value of good guard and center play. We've also seen how game play can be affected when you don't have it – as was the case last year when Travis Frederick missed the entire season.

So today we're giving the interior guys some love. As we get ready for the start of the 2019 season, here are the 10 opponents who stand out at guard and center. These are the guys that will provide the toughest task for the like of Maliek Collins, Antwaun Woods and Trysten Hill when these games finally begin.

We know the Cowboys have some of the best guards and centers in football. Looking at the 2019 schedule, which of their opponents can say the same?

William A. Boykins

Digital Media Producer / Webmaster

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