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Rank'Em: Reviewing All 11 Dallas Franchise Tags


The franchise tag has been around now for 30 seasons as the NFL first implemented the designation in 1993, which was also the start of free agency.

Over the years, teams have used the tag in a variety of ways, but the ultimate goal of the tag is to figure out a way to keep front-line players on the team in the most affordable way.

The Cowboys used the tag once again this week, marking the sixth straight season to tag a player, when they placed the one-year, guaranteed tender on Tony Pollard.

We'll see if Pollard ends up playing on the tag this season or the Cowboys work out a long-term deal. Not all players have actually gone through the season on the tag, but it certainly happens, including this past season with Dalton Schultz, who is now set to become an unrestricted free agent.

Let's look back at the Cowboys' history with the franchise tag over the last 30 years.

Going down memory lane for all 12 times the Cowboys have used the franchise tag, which is now standing on six years in a row.


Dallas Cowboys Staff Writers

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