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Rank'Em: Selecting All-Oxnard team as camp ends


OXNARD, Calif. – Just like that, training camp has ended for the Cowboys – at least the California portion of camp.

The Cowboys spent about 24 days in Oxnard as the get fully prepared for another regular season, which begins in New York on Sept. 10.

Along the way, there were dozens of practices, even more walk-through sessions and countless meetings, not to mention the three preseason games, which continue in Seattle Saturday night.

While the evaluation process is far from over, the staff of came together to pick the top performers from Oxnard.

This does not include the first preseason game last weekend in Arlington, and is certainly not an overall ranking of the best players on this team. Needless to say, Zack Martin, who spent a few days here in Oxnard thanks to a lengthy contract holdout, is still one of the team's and NFL's best players, but won't make this list.

So let's get to the list – here are the Top 10 players from training camp, beginning with some honorable mentions.

The Cowboys are breaking down camp in California before heading to Seattle and then home for good. The staff writers have selected the Top 10 standouts at camp here in Oxnard.

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