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Rank'Em: Who's Left From 2020 Free-Agent Class?


In recent years, the Cowboys have never put a high priority on free agency. It's been said over and over the Cowboys are trying to build the team through the draft.

But this year, it did seem as if the Cowboys made an extra effort in their free-agent signings, adding well-known veterans who had either been first-round picks, or made multiple Pro Bowls, or a combination of both.

But here we are, more than halfway into the season and just a few of them are impact players. More than half of them aren't even on the roster anymore.

Still, Cowboys VP Stephen Jones, the team's chief operating officer, said just last week that he sees no changes to the philosophy of free agency moving forward.

"Not at all. When we signed the players that we signed, we felt good about it," Jones said. "Obviously this has been an unprecedented year with the virus and a new coaching staff and not being able to work with the guys, especially when you're trying to make a transition into a new system, which we were for. I think every year you have to go into free agency and try to fill your needs to you can continue to draft without taking need into consideration. We'll have to see what the salary cap's going to be like and what our restrictions are in terms of free agency. But it won't change the way we go about it."

The Cowboys added 11 veteran players this offseason. One of which is in consideration for the MVP right now, while a handful of others are not with the team.

Either way, here's a review of 2020 free-agent class.

While the free-agent class of 2020 looked to be one of the best back in March, less than half are still on the roster. Stephen Jones said it won't change the philosophy of free agency moving forward. Let's review the class.


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