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Rank'Em: Will Tyler Smith Ever Reach "Steal" Level?


It doesn't matter if you're picking No. 1 overall, late in the first round, or even if the pick is in the seventh round, all teams are looking for great value.

It's also known as a steal.

Over the years, the Cowboys have definitely picked some great players in the later rounds. Even now, they have a franchise quarterback that was a compensatory pick in the fourth round.

But what about first-round steals? It's not easy to do because usually, players taken in the first round are expected to be great.

But even then, there are exceptions to the rule. The Cowboys have still managed to get a few steals in the first round.

And this year, picking No. 24 overall, they are definitely hoping Tyler Smith can be the latest steal. For that to happen, not only is he going to have to start right away, probably at left guard, but eventually move out to left tackle.
And yes, if Smith eventually replaces Tyron Smith at left tackle and is the starter over there for years, that would likely qualify as a draft-day steal.

So let's look at some of the best first-round steals in Cowboys history, including the most recent first-rounder before Smith.

The Cowboys have had some great picks over the years, but it's not easy to get a steal in the first round. But there are some exceptions. Can Tyler Smith be the next one?


Dallas Cowboys Staff Writers

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