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RB McCoy Says Stakes Won't Matter To Eagles

As has been well-established, the stakes for Saturday's game will be vastly different depending on the results of the Giants-Jets game earlier in the day. The Giants' fortunes will decide whether or not the Eagles have anything to play for.

But even if the Giants win and Philly is mathematically eliminated, they'll still give a full effort, according to running back LeSean McCoy.

"It's definitely a challenge," McCoy said. "We want to win the game no matter if we've got a shot or we don't. If I played for another team maybe it would be different, but the hard work we put in each week, the attitudes we have in the locker room, we want to makle plays. We want to win games.

"When you line up and the guy across from you is playing hard, you want to match his intensity. So, I don't think it matters when you're on the field."

Self defense would be just one motivating factor, along with the individual players' desire to impress.

Philadelphia has every reason to prepare this week as if the game will count for them.

"Obviously we need some teams to lose," McCoy said. "But what we can control is just winning games. This is one of the games that we need to win, so I think that probably drives us a little more."

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