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!Dez Bryant lived up to the hype with an impressive display during his first weekend.

question of them all: Can Dez Bryant actually catch it when it comes to him? That might have been his best attribute. Bryant plucked the ball out of the air several times, already comparable to the way Patrick Crayton catches the ball.  

Then again, let's also remember that the quarterbacks throwing passes this weekend - rookie free agent Matt Nichols and rookie Pat Grace, who was here only on a workout basis - aren't exactly John Elway, Dan Marino and for this case . . . Tony Romo. Let's see how he catches passes with a little more zip.  

OK, so that takes us back to May 17. Can Dez Bryant be the human-highlight reel he was last weekend, when he's facing Jenkins, Newman and Scandrick on a regular basis?  

Will Dez Bryant look like this superstar receiver when he's lining up next to more experienced, more proven and more NFL-ready players who have done this gig for a living longer than just a week?  

And will this rookie make his circus-like catches when it's Tony Romo launching rockets left and right.  

Only time will tell, but obviously Bryant had a breath-taking weekend (sometimes literally) with his play on the field. Now the Cowboys, their fans and everyone else will have to wait and hold their collective breaths until May 17, when the real circus comes back to town.      

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