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Ready To Flip

hear about their December woes.  

And that's exactly what it is. They've been woeful in December. They've had a chance to finish some of these outstanding seasons with a flourish, and they've whiffed.  

But give them credit for still trying.  

Here we are again, with five games to play and the Cowboys are once again in a great position to finish strong. At 8-3, only two teams in the NFC have better records. Once again, it's right there on the table. All they have to do is grab it.  

Personally, I think the Cowboys take it this year. By being here every day, listening to the players and coaches interact with each other and the media, and most importantly, how they've played the game, I do think this team is different.  

I do think this team has better chemistry. I do believe this team has better leadership. I do believe this team has better coaching. I do believe this team has better players and better talent, and that's not something I believed before the year began. 

So as we sit here in the first days of December, getting ready to watch the most important game of the season, I do believe this team is different. And I'm not the only one. There are a lot of people who "think" this team has turned the corner.  

But there's only way to really find out. And it starts Sunday.        

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