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Real Early

!During SB XLV week, Jerry Jones urged fans not to be discouraged by missed free agency and minicamps

differences could come to this. It's $9 billion. A tenth of a percentage point this direction or that direction is a lot of money. A lot of money.  

And money makes the world go 'round, right? Isn't it the first question we ask when that free agent safety or guard finally signs? How much money are they giving him? In the business of football, which is all we're missing out on to this point, money is the way of keeping score. During the season, touchdowns and field goals serve that function, and they're certainly much easier and more fun to keep up with. The thing we enjoy most about the NFL is the games, right? So until those are missed, or are much closer to be being missed, let's take it easy. 

There are so many more things to worry about right now than this silly lockout. Take my vacation week for example. While the two sides bickered back and forth, a frantic search and rescue operation was being carried out half the world away, for survivors of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan. At the same time, our country became embroiled in another military operation in the Middle East. 

With everything that goes on across the globe and in our day-to-day lives to worry about, sports serve a crucial purpose, providing a diversion. We sit in the recliner, pick up the remote and get lost in the game for three hours. Until we're missing out on that diversion, there's a need for our hope, anger and concern somewhere else.  

Think of it as a vacation to the real world. 

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