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Reality Check

!The Cowboys failed to score two times in a row from the one-yard line at the end of the first half.

make enough mistakes at the line of scrimmage to keep shooting themselves in the foot.  

Talented teams can get ONE YARD near the goal line, especially if they get two cracks at it. OK, put it on Marion Barber, put it on the offensive line or the play call. Doesn't matter - get the yard and score a touchdown!  

You can go up and down the roster. It looks like "talent" because it's a first-round pick or someone who is making $9 million per season.  

But the problem is, the same guys who are making plays, are the ones who are making mistakes, too. 

Jason Witten plays hard and he has heart (regardless what any former Cowboys receiver seems to suggest), but Witten is one of the main culprits when it comes to false starts.  

Mike Jenkins is a Pro Bowl cornerback, but he's guilty of pass interference penalties just about every game.  

Miles Austin made some plays on Sunday and he's made more than most this year. But, he has more than penalties than a wide receiver should have, and if we're scoring at home, he's up to three dropped passes that have directly led to interceptions.  

And yet, this is where the talent is.  

Let me continue to reiterate this for all of you who are still screaming about getting a new head coach or offensive coordinator.  

I'm not arguing those points. Not today.  

All I'm saying is come up with a new argument other than "this staff isn't getting the most out of their talent." That's just not the case. Yeah, the Cowboys might have some talent. But after falling to 1-6 with an embarrassing loss to an average team at best, this Cowboys squad is far from being talented.  

These guys are certainly not who we thought they were. Because we really thought they were talented.      

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