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Red River

!With an uncertain offseason ahead, Jones shouldn't be making big changes to the coaching staff.

guy available, or a guy who comes from a better football family, or a guy who is as devoted to doing the job, or a guy who we know knows how to work with Jones.  

Parcells left the Giants and Jets because of his health. Garrett is young and healthy. 

Cowher left the Steelers to spend time with his kids. Garrett doesn't have kids. 

Gruden was fired from the Buccaneers because of diminishing returns after winning a Super Bowl his first year. Garrett took over a pitiful 1-7 Cowboys team and made them worth watching. 

See, the most well-prepared, best-suited guy for the job is already here. He already has his stuff in Landry's office. It makes the most sense to keep him. 

So when Jones says things like he's interested in the challenge of doing something that's never been done before, like setting a Super Bowl-winning coach up to win another in Dallas, consider that he might just be trying to generate headlines for a team few are willing to talk about right now.  

He won't want to upstage this Super Bowl, played in his stadium, so he might as well make waves through the media now, because a big splash shouldn't be in store. 

Don't go chasing waterfalls, Jerry. Just stick to the coach you're used to.                                                   

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