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Redskins Preparing To Spend Big . . . Again?

It's almost March, which means free agency season, which means the Washington Redskins are surely preparing to take center stage in that way they do every other spring or so.

The Redskins are set to be more than $40 million under the salary cap. Their history over the last decade suggests they won't be shy about spending it, either. After two disappointing seasons, owner Dan Snyder is probably ready raise the ante for his coach, Mike Shanahan.

Over on the NFL Network, Warren Sapp and former Rams receiver Torry Holt recently discussed free agency plans for the teams with the most money to spend.

Sapp says the Redskins should go after Peyton Manning and Vincent Jackson, the San Diego wide out. Holt (who appears to be sporting a disgustingly broken finger) somewhat disagrees with the Manning-to-Washington idea, as former 'Skins quarterback Joe Theisman has recently as well.

The offseason activity of division rivals should always raise some eyebrows, but after years of Snyder spending big but yielding small results, there's no reason Cowboys fans should feel threatened if the Redskins go out and make a splash next month.

Another thing to note: Sapp implored his Buccaneers to go after one of the Cowboys' own free agents, Laurent Robinson. Tampa has over $67 million to spend, so it would be really hard for the Cowboys to compete in a bidding war with the Bucs if they wanted Robinson badly enough.

Dallas is expected to have around $20 million to spend after a few moves.

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