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Roaring Response

!Sunday's win was the Cowboys' first second-half comeback of the season.

right to Jason Hatcher, who has missed the last four games with a groin injury and returned for the first time Sunday. Hatcher's recovery led to another Jon Kitna touchdown pass and just like that, the 12-7 deficit the Cowboys were facing, is now 21-12.

Of course, this team can't do anything too easy. The Cowboys let Detroit move the ball and slice into the lead, almost creating another "here we go again" scenario.

Instead, this time the Cowboys dug deeper again.

If you want to notice some really big changes in this team over the last few weeks, maybe it's the one drive late in third quarter that is the best example.

Leading 21-19, the Cowboys answered. And once again, a guy that hasn't been consistent at all made the plays. But Marion Barber had two huge runs on third down, none bigger than his 24-yarder, his longest of the season on third-and-15 when the Cowboys were just trying to get into comfortable field goal range.

Now that's an answer. Yeah, they might have gotten a little help from the officials on some "hair-collar" calls on Barber, but the Cowboys took advantage. Another touchdown pass from Kitna to Miles Austin and that was basically the touchdown the Cowboys needed.

Every once in a while - twice in the first nine games to be exact - the Cowboys found a way to play with some emotion.

But something they haven't done at all this year, whether it be in the middle of the game, or week to week, is find a way to build off some success.

They did that Sunday. As a result, the Cowboys have won two in a row.

Who knew beating the Lions would be the team's best victory of the season? Now, the Cowboys have to make sure that statement doesn't stay true for too long.

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