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Roger Staubach On Dak's Greatest Asset 


FRISCO, Texas – The conversation about Dak Prescott always seems to center on one topic – talent versus intangibles.

Not that anyone needs to be reminded by now, but Prescott was the eighth quarterback taken in the 2016 NFL Draft. But whatever physical limitations might have pushed him into the fourth round, his leadership and charisma are well-documented and go all the way back to his days as a high school star.

 To hear it from one of the Cowboys' best-ever leaders, Roger Staubach, that can go a long way.

"People have got to realize how much his teammates love Dak," Staubach said on Monday. "As a quarterback, you've got to get your teammates behind you. You can have all the confidence in yourself, but you've got to transfer it to your teammates – and Dak has got that." 

Staubach spoke at The Star on Monday, as the Cowboys unveiled their partnership working with the legendary quarterback on Twelve Cowboys Way, a new apartment complex opening at the facility.

Aside from that, though, Staubach is always bound to be asked about the Cowboys' current quarterback. That goes with the territory when you help the franchise to five Super Bowls, winning two of them and earning nicknames like "Captain America" and "Captain Comeback" in the process.

Staubach is officially credited with 15 fourth quarter comebacks, 23 game-winning drives and a 13-7 postseason record – so he knows a few things about winning. Asked about Prescott's progress to this point in his career, he wasn't shy.

"Dak has had some big plays in the fourth quarter. His teammates love him," he said. "I like Dak, and I'm surprised – a lot of people do like him, but from what I read in the newspaper, there's more criticism than I think he deserves. I think he's a really good football player."

Of course, Staubach can understand the position of a Cowboys quarterback better than most. He commented many times in the past on the scrutiny that faced Tony Romo during his career.

On top of that, it won't be up to Staubach to negotiate Prescott's next deal – which is the subject that prompts so much debate. But as the Cowboys' captain preps his case for his pay day, he's at least got "Captain America" in his corner.